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New Energy Electric Vehicle Controller (Motor) Assembly

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1. New energy electric vehicle (motor) assembly, test solution

product description:

This line body is used in the electric drive assembly of new energy vehicles, mainly including several parts such as product assembly, product performance detection, and product engraving, etc., and its tap flexibility is adjustable.

Assembly: The main line adopts the line body transportation mode, and the transmission, rotor, stator and other materials come in the form of material trolley transportation. Transmissions, stator rotors/components, controllers, etc. are hoisted to the production line pallets. And the integrated robot automatically assembles the rotor to the transmission, finishes the transmission of the transmission and the stator housing components, and coats the ends. Manually screw bolts, artificial on-line controller, automatic nameplate, artificial labeling, artificial hanging machine off the assembly line.

Test: The artificial auxiliary equipment completes the motor insulation and withstand voltage test, the artificial auxiliary test equipment completes the air tightness test, and completes the electrical performance comprehensive test. For the discovered NG products, centralized repairs were conducted at the centralized repair station.

Product parameters:

Effective JPH (hourly productivity) ≥12 sets (equipment activation rate 90%, comprehensive yield rate 98%)

HPU = (number of operators × total working hours) ÷ output (only online operators included)

The number of workers is 12 and the working time is 250 days per year. There are 16 hours for two shifts a day. The annual output is 45,000 sets.

HPU (single man-hour) = (12 × 250 × 16) ÷ 45000 = 1.07 ≤ 1.33 hours / station

Beats: 300s

Land area: 120m×20m

2. New energy electric vehicle (controller) assembly and test solution

product description:

This line is used in the automated production of electric drive controllers for new energy vehicles. The main equipment includes double-speed chain main lines, island workstations, voltage testing, hoisting machines, aging rooms, aging test systems, air-cooled work stations, insulation withstand voltage tests, Machine testing, packaging lines and so on.

Assembly: The production line can realize different types of mixed-line production through the island structure and double-layer double-speed chain combination. Each type has a corresponding control program, specifically through the central control system to classify and analyze the five kinds of products. For each product installation process, 34 standardized island workbenches are divided into a number of process consoles, and 5 products correspond to 5 sets of distribution plans. The central control system records the plans in advance and stores them in the central control system industrial control computer. With the production of new products, it is only necessary to enter a new process distribution scheme into the control system. This enables the 34 standard islands to be adapted to the assembly of any similar products or the assembly of mixed lines, and to truly achieve flexible production;

Test:Aging test system: The aging test temperature is 60°C, and an adjustable voltage power supply of 0 to 600 V is required. The tray is placed on the aging rack and the power supply test of the test connector is automatically connected. The aging time is 4 to 4.5 hours. During the aging process, the controller's voltage acquisition data is directly transmitted to the host computer and bound to the RFID of the tray. The upper computer judges whether the product passes or fails in the aging process.


Safety test system: The safety test system is divided into three parts: power frequency withstand voltage, DC withstand voltage test and insulation test. When the tooling board reaches the test station, RFID reads the workpiece information and passes it to the IPC. The operator on the workstation completes the wiring before the test and starts the test. The test system automatically completes the test and completes the test data recording. After the test is completed, the operator disassembles the test wiring, tests the qualified work piece to enter the next test procedure, and the unqualified product, the system prompts the test to fail the unqualified alarm, and goes to the repairing area.

Whole function test: Realize automatic test (equipped with special machine to achieve automatic disconnection, automatic detection, automatic data analysis) motor controller (including solar controller).

Product parameters:

Beats: 60s

Area: 73m×13m


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