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●Product introduction:

Assembly:   this production line is the top molding, molding and back molding production line, before the machine cover the whole line of collinear parallel production, main station include: carbon fiber raw material for cold storage, wake up, automatic cutting, cutting material acquirement, artificial shop fold, visual inspection of qualified products directly to the next working procedure, visual inspection, then to the robot punching, to flash, dry ice cleaning automatically, render coating robots, robot with agglutination, robot measurement, rolled off the production line, etc.

      Measurement:  robot blue ray measurement

Blue light detection system measurement by means of pictures, can realize the measurement of body type fast, through the use of automatic blue-ray measurement system to complete the automatic detection, measuring the same artifacts on the characteristics of five times, 95% of the data deviation within±0.10 mm. The blue ray measurement technology is used to realize the detection of key points in conventional detection and improve the detection efficiency. Meanwhile, the detection data of the type surface can be provided to meet the control requirements of the type surface.

●Product parameters:

Beats: 30min

Land area: 225m×60m

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