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Power Battery Assembly, Measurement Solutions

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●Product introduction:

Assembly:   the wire body adopts the logistics mode combining robot handling and double speed chain, including plasma cleaning, gluing, battery stacking, laser welding, laser marking, assembly and so on. Stack for robot automatic stacking and stack tilt 60 °, makes the heat insulation pads not to fall off, fully fit between components by gravity. When positioning before stacking, first grab the position on the stack of the board chain line, lift the component, and then push the position gently with the two direction cylinder.


OCV test:  triaxial manipulator picks up probe plate to test the core; The test method connects the probe with the core pole to carry out OCV and ACIR. Test data and core data are bound and uploaded to MES system; Data access is local and automatically uploaded to MES when online. Provide self - check function.

Welding seam detection: the joint detection scheme of 3D+2D camera is adopted to detect the welding seam breaking, weld length, width and remaining height in 3D, and weld discoloration is detected in 2D.The three-axis manipulator carries a 3D camera to scan the weld seam of the module, and takes pictures with a 2D camera.

High and low voltage insulation and resistance testing.

     ●Product parameters:

The yield of each unit is ≥99.8%, and the whole line yield is ≥99%

Area: 52m×7m

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