Recognition of the nwah spirit of respecting intellectual property rights and attaching importance to the development of employees.

Ordinary and not banal, the details are about success.


Use the right people for personal and business success.

Career development

Career development

Vacant positions
  • 1. Have certain customer resources, have large customer and project sales experience;

    2. With a team, strong organizational skills, able to independently develop new customer relations and do well in market development;

    3.responsible for the area of marketing and sales tasks, organize and guide the regional sales staff do a good job in marketing strategy and marketing plan, and develop sales strategies and plans, season, year, month), sales target decomposition, responsible for the completion of the area's annual sales target;

    4. Maintain the company's interests, establish the company image, and maintain a good attitude in the interaction with customers;

    5. Regularly visit clients, keep good relationship with customers, and constantly improve their business level and negotiation skills;

    6. Pay close attention to the operation status and information situation of the customers in the region, and take effective preventive measures in time to minimize the operation risk and supplier risk of the company;

    7. Strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the company, and play an exemplary role everywhere;

    8. Timely summarize and report the sales situation and make reasonable Suggestions.


  • 1. Electrical design, debugging and field operation of non-standard automation equipment;

    2. Estimate the design cost and manufacturing cost of the electrical part of the non-standard equipment, and be responsible for the purchased components used in the selection equipment;

    3. Drawing of electrical drawings of non-standard equipment;

    4. Cooperate with mechanical engineers to complete the design, transformation and on-site technical guidance, coordination and communication.

  • 1. Make technical tender proposal according to the bidding requirements of customers;

    2. Make the cost budget quotation sheet according to the inquiry from the supplier, and maintain the quotation base;

    3. Summarized and refined the project according to the projects executed, and applied it to the new customer project;

    4. According to the new results of research and development, applied to the project of new business domain;

    5. According to the industry exhibition BBS, visit the customer site, broaden the horizon, and apply the industry experience to the actual work;

    6. Report to the program manager and finish other work arranged by line manager.

  • 1. Completed the design and programming of non-standard automatic equipment mechanical structure and mechanical parts according to the requirements of the project (including pneumatic circuit);

    2. Estimate the design cost and manufacturing cost of non-standard equipment, and be responsible for outsourcing components used in the selection equipment;

    3. Drawing of non-standard equipment assembly drawings and parts drawings, and participating in quality tracking during product processing;

    4. Cooperate with electrical engineers to complete the design and manufacturing;Conduct technical guidance, coordination and communication in the process of production site debugging.

  • 1. According to the contract and customer requirements, define the scope of supply, completes the project planning, responsible for communication with the client, to promote the functional departments carry out all work in accordance with the requirements of project, coordination of various resources to achieve the project goal;

    2. Organized the internal review of the drawing of the design drawing and signed the contract with the client;

    3. Coordinated, promoted, supervised and checked the implementation of relevant functional departments within the company in design, procurement, production and installation, and actively dealt with project problems;Timely warning project abnormal situation and promote processing;

    4. Responsible for organizing the client's pre-acceptance work;

    5. Responsible for arranging the installation and debugging of customer site equipment;

    6. Responsible for the arrangement of documents required for final acceptance and final acceptance of the project;

    7. Conduct project summary, summarize project process problems and project management experience;

    8. Daily matters in operation of other companies.

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