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Hydrogen fuel cell solutions

This project is to supply a complete battery assembly line for well-known independent new energy vehicle companies in China. The whole line includes the complete battery assembly test line and the whole line control from the fuel cell parts feeding to the whole package output, and also includes all the necessary equipment for designing the whole line, as well as the installation and system integration of all equipment.

Power battery assembly and measurement solutions

Product introduction: Assembly: The line body adopts the logistics method combining robot handling and double-speed chain, and the whole includes plasma cleaning, gluing, battery stacking, laser welding, laser coding, assembly, etc. The stacking is automatically stacked by the robot, and the stacking table is inclined at 60°, so that the thermal insulation pad will not fall down, and the components are fully attached by gravity. When positioning before stacking, first lift the component at the stacking and grabbing station of the plate chain line, and then use the air cylinders in both directions to push and position.

Three-in-one motor assembly solution

Adopt intelligent automation, high flexibility and high scalability to adjust the trial production line in the future to adapt to the production line of subsequent new models put into production. The equipment design of the whole line is based on the concept of independent manufacturing island, which can easily expand the system structure and add modules to form a larger manufacturing system when production requires;

Motor Controller Assembly Solutions

The whole line includes three independent production lines of selection welding line, general assembly line and test line. The equipment includes selective welding, AOI, tightening, dust cleaning, gluing, handling, testing, etc. The production products are single-motor controllers and can produce dual-motor controllers at the same time. Adopt lean production concept to save space and cost for customers.

Engine Assembly Line Solutions

The whole line conveying system includes: internal and external wire line roller table, cylinder head line roller table, piston connecting rod line roller table. The internal and external assembly line adopts the international leading bevel gear transmission technology to ensure a long service life and maintenance-free. The piston connecting rod line adopts the upper and lower double connecting rod line, which fully takes into account the optimization of the customer's workshop space. The AGV adopts an automatic scheduling system to connect the pulling of materials between the interior, exterior and cylinder head lines.

Robot Application Solutions

Robot application one The robot carries a flexible spindle to automatically remove the machining burrs of the cylinder block and head, solving the problems of harsh deburring environment, high labor intensity and unstable quality.

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