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Products MES system
Product Name: MES system
Date of listing:2018-04-13
Note: equipped with a complete set of use
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MES (manufacturing enterprise process execution management system)

Manufacturing Execution System

MES (Manufacturing Enterprise Production Process Execution Management System) is a production management technology and real-time information system that has rapidly developed in the world and is oriented toward manufacturing companies in recent years. MES can provide manufacturing companies with a fast-response, flexible, and refined manufacturing environment, helping companies reduce costs, deliver on schedule, improve product quality, and improve service quality.

Our MES system is suitable for different industries (appliances, automobiles, airplanes, communications, medicine, etc.) and can be a single high-volume manufacturing enterprise and a hybrid product with multiple breeds, small batches of cattle, and large quantities of cattle. Manufacturing companies provide good production system management.

The overall functionality of the MES system includes:

1. Production Planning Management

2. Material Management

3. Production equipment monitoring, including:

A device interface and data acquisition

A device real-time status

4. Production line status monitoring and management, including:

A production line status monitoring, dark light information display

Production queue monitoring, overall equipment efficiency OEE

5. Production process monitoring, including:

Reading RFID information

A two-dimensional code information read

Reading a barcode information

6. Product quality monitoring, including:

One engine repair information management

One part quality tracking

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