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Products Motor and controller assembly
Product Name: Motor and controller assembly
Date of listing:2018-04-14
Note: equipped with a complete set of use
Product features
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1. The assembly line of running water is reasonably equipped with robots to reduce labor costs, reduce labor intensity, improve assembly accuracy and ensure product quality

2. Fully automatic shell heating, greatly shorten the heating time and reduce the production line beat

3. The production line gauge is classified as a flexible production line, which can facilitate the rapid expansion of production capacity by adding personnel or equipment

4. Replace robots with work that is harmful to human body, eliminate human injury and reduce environmental pollution

5. Product data is automatically uploaded and saved, with good traceability

6. Fully automatic error prevention system to prevent leakage, wrong installation, wrong installation and automatic alarm display

7. Assembly: due to the magnetic nature of the rotor, the magnetic force in the combination of the stator rotor can prevent the unalignment of the center caused by the magnetic force in the combination of the stator rotor. In the assembly process, the centering shaft is added to prevent deviation.



Test the electric motor on line for air tightness, insulation, performance, etc.


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