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Products Carbon fiber composite intelligent assembly
Product Name: Carbon fiber composite intelligent assembly
Date of listing:2018-04-14
Note: equipped with a complete set of use
Product features
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1. Precise control of the robot, precise control of variables, and quality assurance

2. Flexible production line, collinear production, can quickly switch production of different products

3. Full mechanized operation, short cycle, mass production

4. Robots do harm to the human body and prevent human harm, while reducing environmental pollution

5. Under the existing concept of standard station design, the overall design style has undergone various iterations, combined with station functions, and integrated into the industrial design concept

6. Offline simulation, find design problems at any time, improve problems

7. Product data is automatically uploaded and saved, with good traceability

8. Fully automatic error prevention system to prevent missed loading, wrong loading, misinstallation, automatic alarm display


Use vision system to inspect products and conduct offline rework on defective products

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