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Anwha sales manager - Liu rui

In the 2016 casting industry automation transformation and robot engineering development BBS, we discussed with many colleagues "the application of robots in the polishing of castings".


Anwha - robot polishing and polishing experiment platform

The whole system adopts the closed design, and the robot work area is isolated from the operator to ensure safety.After the polishing is finished, the workpiece can be switched on the turntable to improve the efficiency of the robot.


Low grinding engineering machinery areas: forklift shovel after welding, welding slag at the surface of the residual, surface polishing treatment is required, use two robot at the same time on both sides of grinding workpiece, completely take the place of human at the same time improve the polishing efficiency, save a lot of cost for the customer.

Low application fields include the aerospace parts milling, auto parts, casting and die casting grinding polishing, grinding engineering machinery parts, wind, nuclear power and other metal parts milling the polishing, plastic cutting and polishing, etc.

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