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"Smart" Pujiang robot peak BBS.

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Date of release: 2015-11-30
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Chen liang, general manager of Anwha (Shanghai) Automation Engineering Co., LTD., presided over the round table BBS, "the role and value of robots in the upgrading process of Chinese intellectual industry"

ANWHA (Shanghai) Automation Engineering Co., LTD., Ji nan wing fe Automation Technology Co., LTD., Shanghai Aibo Robot Technology Co., LTD., Shanghai Haze Technology Co., LTD., Beijing heng are precision machine technology co., LTD. Such as robots and ivy capital of enterprises, a few yuan venture capital specialized investment institutions such as robot, coco, respectively in the form of speech, BBS and other round table, from a technical innovation, system innovation, capital and industrial aspects of the effective docking interpret robot development status in our country, discusses how to improve the robot technology innovation ability, integrated application ability, and with the aid of capital and the resultant force, which is formed by the government policyPromote the healthy and rapid development of China's robot industry.

"Smart" to those who live in the world, the Internet and the development of artificial intelligence in recent years made a qualitative leap, represented by robot trend of intelligent enough to lead the next wave of industrial revolution, the major industrial countries have put forward the coping strategies, such as "Internet industry" in the United States, Germany's "4.0" industry, the situation in our country proposed the "made in China 2025" grand strategy, intelligent with informationization to promote industrialization, in order to upgrade automatically. How to grasp the trend of the development of the intelligent, how to use robots to upgrade China's manufacturing industry, how to build the competitiveness of the industry in our country in the new competitive environment, such as this problem is the need to think about and solve the significant proposition, is also the time background of this BBS.

This BBS also specially invited to the market development, deputy director of the China machinery industry federation, China Robot industry association deputy secretary-general yao the colts and Shanghai economic and information commission, deputy director of the liu ping power respectively on "made in China 2025" about robot industry and Shanghai in the field of robot and intelligent planning and layout. From the national level, intelligence is to improve the efficiency of industry, the key to improve enterprise competitive path, from industrial robots or service robot and special robot is national planning the layout of the key industrial direction, looking to the future, human will get a greater degree of liberation. Shanghai is that the robot industry is a labor-intensive industry intelligence, Shanghai to play the advantages of talent highland, combined with the existing advanced manufacturing base, must be in the robot and intelligent field.

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