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Shanghai pudong enterprise release -- robot special field.

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Date of release: 2015-11-30
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To show social Pudong new technologies, new products (including services), the new project, the new mode, propaganda, the promotion enterprise, make society more information about the enterprise in the pudong new area, pudong enterprise towards the world. Recently, Shanghai pudong new area has launched a platform for the launch of "pudong enterprise publishing", the first launch platform for entrepreneurship and innovation in the pudong new area of Shanghai.On November 19, the first Shanghai "pudong enterprise publishing" conference and robot special event was held in Shanghai pudong enterprise center.

On November 19, 2015, the first platform for entrepreneurship and innovation in pudong, Shanghai, was officially launched. This activity takes the robot enterprise as the starting subject, showing the new technology and new application of pudong enterprise in the "Made in China 2025" and industry 4.0 background.


Ma huan, sales director of ANWHA( Shanghai ) Automation Engineering Co., LTD

The Anwha, Siasun, Harbin institute of technology, the rainbow fish, such as navigation and five good local robot companies focus on appearance, the scene illustrates the industrial robot, service robot, underwater robot three areas of the latest research and development of robot technology and application.

ANWHA (Shanghai) Automation Engineering Co., LTD. sales director Ma Huan introduced the overview of the company, as well as the company newly released two main products: 1. The intelligent machine man-machine platform: FLEXCUBE;2. Automatic test and assembly platform of new energy battery module.Ma Huan said, Anwha is a focus on integrated solutions provide assembly automation of the enterprise, also has been committed to the robot technology and robot design, has now formed robot automatic production, assembly, screw, handling, spot welding and other supporting services, realize the industrial 4.0 holographic intelligent factory.

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