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The research meeting of Anwha shares.

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Date of release: 2015-12-08
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On November 26th afternoon, Shanghai's financial services office working committee secretary of Mr Kong Qingwei, Mr Zheng Yang, director of the Shanghai financial services office, Mr Li, deputy director of Shanghai's financial services office and the Shanghai financial services office related office visit ong, director of ANWHA (Shanghai) Automation Engineering Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "shares" Leon "or the company) to visit investigation,Research was accompanied by Shanghai equity managed trading center (hereinafter referred to as the "Shanghai stock exchange center" or "shares") general manager Mr Zhang Yunfeng, executive director of the Shanghai stock exchange center business a Mr Aldershot, Shanghai hui chang fu equity investment fund management co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "hui chang fu") chairman Mr Xie Xiaoping and Shanghai east for venture investment center (hereinafter referred to as the "eastern venture") investment managers Li Sheng kai, Anwha chairman and general manager Mr. Chen liang, deputy general manager Mr. Zhu Yanzhu gave a warm reception.


Research conference, the Anwha joint-stock company deputy general manager Mr Zhu Yanzhu report to everyone at ease after listing on the Shanghai stock exchange center in business, management, finance and so on various aspects of rapid progress and improve, also said the company hopes to log in science and technology innovation plate, and the company future development with financial services office, Shanghai stock exchange center leadership, recommend institutions and investment institutions such as for in-depth communication and exchanges.Conference, recommend organizations hui chang fu, chairman of Mr Xie Xiaoping and investment institutions for vc Li Sheng east, says Mr Kay is automation products of the company's outstanding performance and continuous innovation, the company management team of professional and dedicated to stake, they decided to invest in China., general manager of Shanghai stock exchange center, says Mr Zhang Yunfeng Shanghai stock exchange center will try to continue as a credible capital platform for the listed enterprise to provide effective and convenient financing, trading and other services, to establish benign interaction mechanism with the equity investment institutions, dig deep and enhance the value of listed companies. Finally, the secretary of kong has expressed his confidence in the business development of the company in the past two years, and has high hopes for its future development.The research atmosphere was warm and relaxed.

Anwha is a Shanghai high-tech enterprise, its main business for the assembly technology as the core of automated assembly line, the robot flexible assembly system as well as the assembly line testing equipment and other non-standard automation equipment research and development design, production and sales. Company mainly oriented core automotive powertrain (engine, gearbox, axle) and new energy automobile industries, provide for the customer from the whole line design, manufacture, installation, debugging, a package of solutions, so as to improve customer production capacity and production efficiency, and ensure the quality of the products. Shares issued in October 2014, Anwha increase scheme, under the set of hui chang fu, in the end, Anwha is to the high price of 19.6 yuan/share the introduction of institutional investors shimmering rainbow enterprise investment management co., LTD., Shanghai to raise money.

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