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In 2016, Pujiang innovation BBS | the way of sustainable development of enterprises

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Date of release: 2016-09-30
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The 2016 Pujiang innovation BBS, co-sponsored by the ministry of science and technology of the People's Republic of China and the Shanghai municipal people's government, was held in Shanghai from September 23 to 26.This BBS will be "two-wheel driven: science and technology innovation and institutional innovation" as the theme, on September 25 in the afternoon, to undertake 2016 Pujiang innovation by Zhangjiang group BBS of enterprise: "a new model of enterprise innovation development" was held in Shanghai, east hotel, Leon ANWHA (Shanghai) Automation Engineering Co., LTD., general manager Mr. Chen liang lucky enough to be invited to the technology innovation of enterprise sustainable development.


The picture shows: the opening ceremony of BBS in Pujiang river 2016

The BBS at a to further implement the strategy of innovation to drive the development of China, we will accelerate the development of science and technology world powers, guests from domestic and international politics, technology, business around "two-wheel driven: science and technology innovation and institutional innovation", the theme of the innovation, talk about ideas, seek common development, charge of timing, subject, important, has a special meaning.


The picture shows: BBS site of BBS, pujiang, 2016

At present, it has entered a global and networked innovation era.The pace of enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship is also accelerating, and the characteristics of many new times are emerging.

Breaking all existing barriers can be truly innovative, from BBS's latest sound: companies are trying to innovate across borders.Innovation is not only seen as an internal affair of the enterprise, it is expanding in a wider range, encompassing all aspects of society.


The picture is: Mr. Chen liang, general manager of ANWHA (Shanghai) Automation Engineering Co., Ltd.

ANWHA (Shanghai) Automation Engineering Co., LTD., general manager of Mr. Chen liang in his speech, said Anwha is a native of Zhangjiang businesses, start from the simple manual tighten gun, ongoing product updates and iteration, walked out of a line from simple to complex, from single to whole, from point to line to plane, from individual or individuals to cross-border cooperation or integration of technological innovation path. When it comes to the technological innovation methods of Anwha, it mainly includes: the high buildings from the ground up -- standards and norms, data and experiments, iterative updates, international technical exchanges and cooperation, etc. Mr. Chen liang summed up his way of business: technological innovation supports the sustainable development of enterprises.


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