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Anwha shines at the 2017 casting expo

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Date of release: 2018-06-18
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June 13 - June 16, 2017 cast a four-day exposition, held in Shanghai new international expo center, Anwha as an intelligent assembly enterprises, many professional customers come to visit our exhibition hallthe robot exquisite polishing technology, the company's exciting show video, sales staff and technical staff of professional, won recognition and praise of customers, are interested clients to leave card, in order to further communication and cooperation.Next, please look at some highlights of the exhibition.



In the future, as the leader of the trend vanguard and intelligent assembly industry, we have excellent technology in the field of robot polishing. FlexCube is a modular, high-precision machining center developed by Anwha and German technical team. Benefit from our German technical team in aviation robot calibration technology accumulated over the years, and introduces the advanced robot on-line calibration technology, make its dynamic accuracy approaching repeat precision of the robot, so as to meet the application requirements of aviation, automobile and other fields of rigid.

In the aspect of robot application system, Anwha has perfect polishing experiment platform and senior industry craft team.There is a professional solution to the casting of cast iron casting, parting line grinding, and the removal of burr of aluminum die casting.It also accumulated rich experience in milling, polishing and parting line of plastic parts.It has its own patented technology and has become the standard of the industry.

Through this exhibition, Anwha has demonstrated its expertise and strength in robot application system, and has successfully attracted the attention of professional customers, and has expressed the following solutions.The company is dedicated to the use of professional technical services, sophisticated manufacturing equipment to create value for customers.

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