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Auto plant new energy "powertrain" smart workshop overall planning - this is the smart workshop plan

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Date of release: 2018-01-12
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As a diamond sponsor, Anwha automation participated in the annual summit held at the mission hills hotel in dongguan, China, on January 8-10, 2017.The summit on the BBS, the China (Shanghai) automation engineering co., LTD. New energy department proposal manager Xing jie has published a new energy "powertrain" smart - car factory workshop overall planning, the theme of the speech.


Xing jie,New energy proposal manger of Anwha automation

Xing Jie manager discussed the requirements of the car factory and the three power plant workshops, and shared the integration experience of the automobile factory and Sandian assembly plant.

For the battery factory, the assembly line does not need to consider a very complex function, but in the automobile factory is more complicated, including the workshop fire protection requirements, fire protection settings, ergonomics, repair strategy, charge and discharge test measurements, etc. need to be considered.

From the perspective of the electric control plant, the car plant itself will also do some controllers. With the improvement of production capacity and standardization, how can the production line made by oneself pass the certification system, test performance, and how to achieve automatic assembly when designing? Harnesses can be integrated, more and more harnesses need to be integrated into the circuit board, then a series of problems such as reducing the density of the harnesses need to be considered.

For the motor factory, the assembly line of the motor contains major processes. The previous output was not so great. Now the output has increased. How can automation be improved? How to improve the demand for beats? For the battery pack, these issues are also considered, from the battery pack to the module line, to the three-dimensional warehouse, testing and other issues need to pay attention.


Xing jie, New Energy Proposal Manger of Anwha automation.

So what does the car factory care about?They mainly focus on the security, the planning capability of the big system, the simulation ability, the quality assurance ability and the resource coordination ability.From powertrain to the change of the new electric energy, such as security, protection, how to pull the car out when the fire prevention, including fall prevention, protection of sensors, once how to fire explosion inside the box, and stereoscopic warehouse once complex problems such as how to fire safety;For example, the planning ability of big project big system, from 17 to 77, 87, etc.For example, the simulation capability of the system, the simulation of the robot, including the assembly line simulation capability, and the output of these reports, can take these considerations into consideration before making the assembly line.There is also quality assurance that the ability to upload and integrate the results of the test data is of great concern to the auto plant.


At the scene of the summit

In the end, xing manager shared with you the growth experience of Anwha.Mainly divided into three stages: the first stage, the quantity is not so big at the beginning of the market, the customer's quantity is small, they are looking for equipment manufacturers, but would like to do less, but, Anwha is willing to help customers to share, even if a small project, we will do;In the second stage, many orders are uncertain. There are pure electric, hybrid, bus and energy storage. We need fast switching models and flexible compatibility.The third stage is speed and scale.When a customer up after all kinds of demand, we need to make the production quickly, the car factory planning may be 1 to 2 years, but the lithium battery industry soon, 2 to 3 months, or even 45 days, which requires the speed to keep up.When the customer's scale is up, including the project upgrade management ability and the big project operation ability, all need to be ready to grow with the customer.There are also a series of problems, such as cost control, shortening of the beat, standardization, innovation, how to recycle batteries, and how to reduce weight.With the above experience, we have come to this day, gaining the volume, the market share and all the customers' recognition.

Under the trend of rapid development of new energy industry, Anwha has become the leader of the new energy intelligent assembly industry.Our product strategy focuses on the core positioning of assembly and testing, and realizes the intelligence of the width and depth of the new energy industry.

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